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Foundation settlement can be intimidating, as many know it often means there are foundation repair costs coming. At the first sign of damage due to foundation settlement, many might call the largest foundation contractor they’ve heard of. This can be a costly mistake, as inspectors will often try scaring homeowners into making rash decisions. At Bay Crawlspace, we operate on client education. Our approach is much more of a consultation, ensuring that our clients are informed along the way.

Your foundation crack repair solution should take many things into consideration. You’re not just concerned about fixing your foundation–you want to be sure that you’re getting the best price on the solution that lasts delivered by foundation contractors with integrity. We give a technical diagnosis of what’s causing foundation failure, keeping you informed throughout the process and ensuring you that we’re catering your solution to your individual foundation repair needs.

Part of keeping you informed throughout our repair process is helping you understand the warning signs of foundation failure and what might be causing them. Below are the common signs of foundation problems we look for, common underlying problems, and the best solutions.

Usual Patterns in Foundation Failure

As you may have noticed, there is a common theme in the cause of foundation problems. Most foundation problems that require foundation leveling occur due to issues involving the soil supporting the foundation. Groundwater can put extra pressure on your foundation walls. Conversely, loose or shifting soil can pull away from your foundation walls, causing a lack of support for your foundation walls. This can result in foundation settling, or differential settlement, causing your foundation to be uneven. Differential settlement simply means that one part of the foundation is settling at a different rate than another part of the foundation. Since changes in soil moisture are what cause foundation problems, we must address the soil when considering how to repair the foundation.

Our Approach to Foundation Leveling and Repair

With the knowledge of common signs of foundation failure, what might be causing them, and how they are fixed, along with the guidance of our trusted professionals, you can make an informed decision on the best solution for your home.

The basic approach to foundation repair is foundation leveling where the goal is to stabilize and potentially lift the area of the foundation that has experienced the foundation settlement. Foundation leveling will bring your foundation back to where it needs to be, supporting your home and preventing further damage from failing soil and the incoming moisture. Often times, we find that the best solution for improving the structural integrity of your home and leveling your foundation is foundation push piers. Below you can find more information on what this process looks like.

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