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Blake Heron

Have you ever given a thought to what is the most important component of your home? Is it the well-trimmed and maintained backyard or the fancy front porch that you have spent heaps of money on? The correct answer to this question is neither. A house’s most integral and essential component is the foundation on which it is based. Over the course of time, a house’s foundation undergoes deterioration and eventually impact the stability of the complete structure. Additionally, an unstable foundation also causes the value of the property to depreciate drastically. It is of utmost importance that you pay attention to the condition and health of your home’s foundation and invests in its timely repair.


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Written By Blake Heron

Blake has specialized in crawl space & foundation repairs for over 10 years (since 2012). His prior engineering and business degrees from James Madison University in VA prepared him for a mastery of problem solving with crawl space & foundation repair issues. He is one of America’s top experts on crawl space encapsulation. As Founder of both ‘BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair’ as well as ‘GridLock Foundations’ he is a leading industry expert on crawl space foundation repairs.

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