Team Members


Advisor, Manager

Nathan has worked at BAY Crawl Space for one year and in the building and repair industry for six years. Before working at BAY Crawl Space, Nathan was in the Marine Corps, and after finishing his time in the Marine Corps, his path led him to foundation repair, which he has enjoyed ever since. At BAY, Nathan loves the challenging aspect of working in a compact area like a crawlspace. He appreciates being able to change the lives of his customers and see their happiness after a job well done. His favorite part about working at BAY Crawl Space is his fellow employees and the positive work environment. All of his teammates are extremely knowledgeable and constantly learn from each other. Nathan’s expertise is structural repair because he loves working with push piers and being able to stabilize a structure with something that is so small. In his spare time, Nathan enjoys fishing, cornhole, gaming, yardwork, mechanic’s work, and driving his Jeep.