Nocella Project Chesapeake VA

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Nocella Project Chesapeake VA:

Beam Replacement, Joist Sistering, French Drains, Sump Pumps, Insulation Removal, Encapsulation, and Dehumidifier Install

Mr. Nocella was unaware of the crawl space flooding issue until our initial inspection. There was about 1″ of water under the plastic along the entire front of the house. This hidden standing water issue spanned out over several years caused the wood framing supporting the floors and walls of the home to experience major rot and damage. The first project to begin was the french drain and sump pumps to address the standing water and flooding of the crawl space. Once the water was removed we performed the removal and replacement over several main girder beams and sistered several dozen floor joists. Finally, the full encapsulation of the dry crawl space and installation of the dehumidifier was the long-term solution that Mr. Nocella wanted to have installed to ensure long-term protection of his home and peace of mind.

Project Photos

  • Front Of House

    Front Of House

  • Water Management

    Water Management

  • 3 Discharge Lines

    3 Discharge Lines

  • Beam Replacement And Joist Sisters

    Beam Replacement And Joist Sisters

  • Crawl Space Access

    Crawl Space Access

  • Discharge Recepticle Covered

    Discharge Recepticle Covered

  • Discharge Recepticle

    Discharge Recepticle

  • Encapsulation Irrigation

    Encapsulation Irrigation

  • Encapsulation Sump Pump

    Encapsulation Sump Pump

  • Encapsulation Structural Dehumidifier

    Encapsulation Structural Dehumidifier

  • Foam Board Encapsulation

    Foam Board Encapsulation

  • Sump Pump

    Sump Pump

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