What is Important in Choosing a Crawl Space Company?

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Crawl space and foundation repair

1. Quality of Products

The quality of products used varies widely. For the sake of brevity, you should understand the differences between different products to make the best decision on system design and the best crawl space company for your home.

The main products involved in crawl space encapsulation are the:
A. Encapsulation Floor Liner
B. Wall Liner or Foam Board Insulation
C. The Dehumidifier
D. Waterproofing Tape
E. Humidity Monitoring System

The main products involved in a crawl space drainage system are:
A. Sump Pump
B. Sump Pump Basin
C. Discharge Line
D. French Drain Pipe
E. Drainage Rock
F. Drain Box or Discharge Box
G. Battery Back-Up Pump

The main products involved in foundation repair are:
A. Floor Jack Posts
B. Floor Joist Sisters
C. Replacing Beams
D. Subfloor Plating
E. Sill Plate Replacement
F. Supplemental Beams
G. Steel Foundation Push Piers

2. Price

Prices for the installation of a crawl space repair systems vary dramatically. Generally speaking, the two main factors that influence price are the foundation repair company you choose and the size footprint of the home. Bigger homes require more work, more material, and bigger dehumidification units so they cost more. And just like with any other project, one contractor can cost MUCH more than another so it is wise to get multiple estimates.

An 800 SF crawl space that requires an additional 200 SF of materials for the walls and piers with a brand new beautiful Santa Fe dehumidifier and condensate pump installed starts at $4,200. That price does not take into account any additional conditions that may need to be resolved. Also, this price is not representative of the market price for the Hampton Roads area. Bay Crawlspace and Foundation Repair boasts our low prices for the best encapsulations! Click here for a Free Estimate!

3. Methods of Installation

This is critical. There is a right way to install crawl space encapsulation systems and there is a wrong way. There are many facets to the craftsmanship that contribute to a successful, long-term solution for your crawl space moisture problems. If you get the sense that your contractor learned to encapsulate a crawl space from a YouTube video, you might want to get another opinion. The final results might leave you disappointed.

4. System Design

Every home is different. No one encapsulation system is perfect for every home and every family’s circumstances. There are a few considerations to the system design that you will want to consult with a crawl space expert, in order to make the best decision for you and your family such as: thickness of the liner, size and number of dehumidifiers, method of insulation, placement and orientation of dehumidifier, whether you need a new crawl space access door, etc. Consult with one of our Crawl Space Experts!

5. Warranty & Guarantees

Every company holds a different policy on the warranty they offer to their customers. Experienced encapsulation experts know the result they can expect from a professionally installed encapsulation system. The term length of the warranty is important but a professionally installed liner will likely NEVER experience a rip, hole, or tear in the liner without abuse or misuse. What is important, is to choose the right system from the beginning. We offer additional guarantees that should be much more important to you!

The Encapsulation Floor Liner Expanded…
Most crawl space encapsulation liners generally come in 6 mil, 10 mil, 12 mil, and 20 mil where the ‘mil’ represents the thickness of the plastic. Each of these crawl space encapsulation liners will isolate the home from the earth equally because they are all solid plastic BUT the cheaper (aka recycled) and thinner liners can rip, tear, and pull away. Here at Bay Crawlspace and Foundation Repair, we’ve seen cheap encapsulation liners and the result is poor. We do not recommend 6-10 mil liners. We do not recommend recycled plastic liners. We do not recommend liners that are not fiber re-inforced. We professionally install high quality crawl space encapsulations for what most contractors will sell their 6-10 mil liners for. A good 12 mil liner will perfectly achieve your goals of managing humidity… the right liner properly installed of course. A 20 mil liner is great if you plan to use your crawl space for storage.

Crawl Space Walls Expanded…
The crawl space walls of a crawl space encapsulation are either secured by attaching a liner (mechanically or otherwise), applying spray foam, or by custom cutting individual sections of rigid foam board insulation with an allowance for a termite inspection gap. Cheap liners can pull away from the wall leaving you with an unattractive look and without the proper functionality. Spray foam is aesthetically unappealing, cannot possibly be applied evenly, and does not leave a surface to adhere to for the crawl space floor’s encapsulation liner. The experts at Bay Crawlspace and Foundation Repair recommend high-strength encapsulation liners or a properly chosen, quality rigid foam board insulation for best results.

The Dehumidifier…
Dehumidification is the heart of any great encapsulation system. It dries the air and floor framing which prevents the weakening of wood. The dehumidifier cleans and purifies the air (hopefully!). It stops further mold growth and makes existing mold and fungus go dormant. When the dehumidifier is running in the summer time, condensation shouldn’t form on the duct work which relieves the HVAC of some of its work load. An improperly sized dehumidifier can leave your home under protected for a few reasons. Each professionally rated dehumidification unit should have a Square Footage rating so you can match the size of your home with the unit’s capacity. The placement, orientation, sizing, and installation is critical to the success of the system.

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