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Home Maintenance Solutions [Infographic]

Blake Heron

Your home requires basic maintenance, which equals for a check-up if not on regular intervals but at least annually. It is during these surveys that the loops can be detected, and then action can be taken accordingly. It is these survey session of maintenance that reaffirms the condition of the house.

For a house where people reside, the foremost task is to see if there is any foundation damage. A critical aspect of a home survey is to check if there is any creaks or hairline fracture that can in future be very fatal. In a home, there can be so many faults; there can be a structural breakdown, sloppy floors, or the bricks can crack and can water can seep through. Also, such a house become not an abode but more of a potential danger place.

In such cases, it becomes immensely important for the owner to take immediate action. There are expert agencies who have well and skilled personnel who have experience in dealing with the building foundation. They have all the equipment best suited to fix such foundation-related problems. These experts also have the expertise to provide you with the guidance of what is right or which material is best for your home.

Challenge 1 – Crawl space moisture can turn your house into a breeding ground for mold and mildew. It can turn your safe haven of comfort into a slowly decaying structure in the worst of cases.

Solution 1 – Crawl space encapsulation is the only guaranteed long-term solution to preserve the health and safety of your home. A sealed, conditioned crawl space prevents structural decay and offers several major benefits.

Challenge 2 – Foundation settlement can damage structural integrity as well as the look of a home. It can lead to the depreciation of the property value and cause future repairs to be less effective.

Solution 2 – Foundation repairs by experts can ensure the structural integrity of your house remains intact. Professional repairs ensure the value of your home does not depreciate and give peace-of-mind that your foundation is secure.

Challenge 3 – Uneven floors, sticking doors, sloping walls, and decaying wood and other building material can spoil the look and feel of your home. In addition, structural deterioration can make future repairs more difficult and costly.

Solution 3 – Our experts can survey and inspect the structural integrity of your home and suggest highly effective, guaranteed solutions and procedures to overcome the problems, all for free.

Challenge 4 – Brick cracks, window gaps, and sloping floors are all signs of foundation problems within the house. These could become serious structural issues over time if ignored. In addition, procrastination can cost a fortune.

Solution 4 – With the help of our experts, you can identify and address any serious foundation issues quickly and save big on costs. In addition, our experts can guide you on why and how these problems arose in the first place.


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Written By Blake Heron

Blake has specialized in crawl space & foundation repairs for over 10 years (since 2012). His prior engineering and business degrees from James Madison University in VA prepared him for a mastery of problem solving with crawl space & foundation repair issues. He is one of America’s top experts on crawl space encapsulation. As Founder of both ‘BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair’ as well as ‘GridLock Foundations’ he is a leading industry expert on crawl space foundation repairs.

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