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BAY’s Origin Story

BAY began in 2014 but it’s origin story started far before that.

Our Origin Story

The founder, Blake, was raised locally in a family of small business owners. His grandfather & mother owned a family-style restaurant & bar while his dad owned a roofing company. After working at the family businesses for years, he went to James Madison University, where he earned his Engineering & Business degrees. While Blake knew he wanted to start a business, he didn’t know what line of business to get into… but he knew he loved working in home improvement.

After several conversations, he learned that JES Foundation Repair had basically taken over the industry, with almost no competition. So, after researching the industry, this lead Blake to knock on the door of JES, asking the General Manager, “What advice would you give me if I wanted to start a business in this industry?” JES’s General Manager must have thought he was joking because he offered Blake a job. Blake worked at JES for nearly 3 years, first as a Service Foreman & then as a Certified Inspector… learning the ins and outs, of all the aspects of the work.

Growing up in a family-business, Blake was taught the value of treating customers and employees with great care. With his background, JES’s ‘corporate’ style of business was a big turn off. Because of the ‘corporate’ turn-offs, he quit. He decided he was going to start a company that was founded on the core principles of treating BOTH Customers AND Employees great. His grandfather always taught him; if you treat people great, always keep your word, and keep your prices fair, then the profit will work itself out.

As it turned out, this style of doing business was very attractive to both customers and employees. So, rather than focus purely on the profit, BAY became a profit-sharing company, to align the team with the goal of taking great care of customers. Customers & employees began choosing BAY over the competition because it was obvious that we value them & care about doing the right thing. BAY has grown & grown, attracting some of the best people in the industry, essentially becoming a “melting pot of greatness.”

Nearly our whole team has come from companies that may have specialized in similar work but didn’t necessarily value their customers & their employees. We have invested heavily in developing our team, reputation, reviews, special methods & capabilities… and it’s paid off.

Now, today, we’ve helped over 10,000 homeowners improve their homes and we’re serving more customers now, than ever before.

Ready to Make Your Home Stable, Safe, & Healthy?
Customer Reviews

Our Reviews Reflect Our Commitment to Taking Great Care of Our Customers

  • – Ryan Simpson

    After shopping companies and getting several bids on the same project, we chose Bay Crawl because of their reputation and price. They had our whole house leveled and stabilized in two days. Left our property cleaner than they found it with a smile on their face. Do NOT plan your next project without getting an estimate from Bay Crawl.”

  • – Teresa Lackey

    “Our experience with Bay was outstanding. From first contact everything was smooth and made as easy as possible for us. We were kept informed every step of the process via email, phone, and text. The work was top-notch. The cost was extremely reasonable. We were impressed that Bay did not try to sell services that weren’t required.”

  • – Michael Turner

    My experience was nothing but the best with Bay Crawl Space. The price was much more affordable than what another company quoted. Scheduling was easy and painless. They were professional and treated my home as if it was their own. They left me feeling very confident in my decision to go with Bay.”

  • – Diane Taylor

    It was an easy decision to choose Bay Crawl Space over the three other estimates I had gotten—not only was the price reasonable based on my research, but Jamie was the only sales advisor who described more than one option that I could choose. The scheduling was very smooth! I am confident that if I have any problems, I can call & they will resolve them.”

  • – Mike O’Neill

    “Severe water damage to the structure. We thought we were in real troublle but after talking with them, we felt much better as we were assured that this was “Easy.” Our experience with Bay was better than we have had with any other contractor EVER. Upfront with what to expect, honest in their communications, and fair pricing.

  • – Bob Essman

    “We had our crawlspace encapsulated by BAY three years ago at a fraction of the cost of JES’s estimate. The work was done on time and to exceptional standards. The office has been courteous, the workers arrived on time, and the work was accomplished as promised. BAY gets my highest recommendation.”

  • – Leslie Ballard

    “I am delighted with the crawl space encapsulation completed by Bay Crawl Space & Foundation Repair. What I particularly appreciate about BAY is their attention to detail & commitment to excellence. They were punctual and very much worth the value. I highly recommend Bay Crawl Space to anyone looking for excellent service & an affordable product.”

  • – Benjamin Alexander

    “I’m not one to take home repairs lightly so I try and do my research. I got over 4 estimates to have my crawl space encapsulated and some repair work done. BAY beat the others prices by over 10k. Oh and they actually did more work that what the others quoted us to do. They also do quality work. So value for money, BAY is the company to go with.”

  • – Zachary Frey

    “I had an independent civil engineer out to inspect prior to the BAY visit. I was afraid I might be oversold on repairs I didn’t need. This was not the case. BAY made the same observations and gave same explanations or better. Great job BAY on hiring honest and competent assessors. Very professional, will work with you again!”

  • – David Green

    “I’m super pleased with the work Bay did us, it made a difference almost immediately. Our service advisor, Beau, did an excellent job of identifying the issues in our crawl and offering reasonably priced solutions. The team they sent out to do the work was awesome. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient!

  • – Nicholas Cipriano

    Bay Crawl is by far the number 1 company for all of your crawl space and foundation needs. They are fairly priced. When coupled with the amazing service you receive, its a value that’s unbeatable. Every employee I interacted with was professional, polite, knowledgable, and hard working. You will not deal with a better run company than Bay Crawl.