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Crawl Space Dehumidifier

If you’ve noticed a damp feeling in the house, moldy closets, or musty odors, you probably have crawl space moisture. Up to half of the air in your house can come into the house from the crawl space due to the Stack Effect.

Stack Effect – aka the chimney effect – as warm air rises it pulls the air upward and creations a suction, whereby sucking air from the lower extremities of the house, including the crawl space, floor vents, doors, windows or other minor openings.

Once you have high moisture, a crawl space dehumidifier might be necessary. In Virginia and North Carolina, we have warm humid summers with high outside humidity, making for wet crawl spaces and fertile grounds for mold growth. By installing a crawl space dehumidifier, you’re protecting your crawl space from high moisture and mold growth. For a free crawl space dehumidifier installation quote, click here.

Two Ways to Install a Crawl Space Dehumidifier: Contractor or DIY

Contractor: Professional vs. Handyman

There are over 20+ distinctions you need to get right in order to properly install a dehumidifier. Our recommendation is ALWAYS, Trust the Experts. Get it done right, the first time.

If you hire a handyman vs. hiring a professional contractor, you’re risking an incomplete and ineffective result that is really important to achieve, the first time. You don’t want to assume everything is working, when it’s really not, because most people don’t regularly check their crawl spaces.

DIY: Consider all the costs, tools, and skills required

Crawl Space Dehumidifier – Needs to be installed to proper settings, in proper direction, in the best location ~ $1,030 – $1800

Condensate Pump – The water must be collected and discharged from the dehumidifier drain ~ $80

Masonry Drill and Bits – A special drill is required for a clean hole in your brick or block walls ~ $250

PVC Pipe + Cutters + Glue – A dry conduit to transport the water out of the crawl space is necessary ~ $30

Level – Multiple components need to be either level or sloped in the proper directions ~ $7

Hammer and Nails – Required to hang the PVC pipe and build a platform ~ $10

Strapping – Required to hang the PVC pipe ~ $10

Rubber Tubing – Required to discharge the water from the Crawl Space Dehumidifier to the PVC pipe ~ $10

Metal Clamps – Required to secure the rubber tubing to the special PVC connections – $5

Screwdrivers – Required to tighten the clamps ~ $5

Drill and Screws – Required to fasten a strong platform for the dehumidifier ~ $100-200

Scrap 2×4’s or Concrete Blocks – Required to build a platform to elevate the dehumidifier ~ $5

Electrical Connections –Only hire a professional electrician. Working with electricity without the proper skills and equipment can be DEADLY  ~ $250 – 800

Total Crawl Space Dehumidifier Installation Cost = $1860 – $2510

The total cost to install a dehumidifier yourself can actually be greater than paying a professional contractor like BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair to install it. Also, when you hire a professional, you have someone you can hold accountable without having to purchase all of the tools and equipment necessary to install the dehumidifier. For this reason, we always recommend, Trust the Experts.

At BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair, we purchase our crawl space dehumidifiers in BULK so we can install a dehumidifier for a lower cost than you can install it yourself. Keep this in mind when considering your options.

Best Crawl Space Dehumidifier Brands and Prices:

Aprilaire Crawl Space Dehumidifier Price

crawl space dehumidifierAprilaire dehumidifiers are the best dehumidifiers on the market in 2019. They come with a digital display, fully automatic operation, and the best warranty in dehumidifiers today – 5 Years Evergreen Warranty.

Aprilaire has a legacy of indoor air quality innovation, since 1938. They are responsible for some of the best technology in the World for Dehumidification, HVAC, and Refrigeration.

The price for an Aprilaire Crawl Space Dehumidifier is $1,027.99 for an Aprilaire 1820 at and $1475.95 for an Aprilaire 1850 at

Aprilaire Reviews

We have installed Over 1,000 Aprilaire dehumidifiers and our results are consistent. Maybe 1/50 units have minor errors but are easily troubleshooted by our expert technicians. They are not as easily set up as the Santa Fe units but are much more dynamic, with more capabilities, and better repair options.

Aprilaire crawl space dehumidifiers are what we recommend and what we install. The 5 Year Evergreen Warranty on the Aprilaire units is the best warranty in the industry.

Aprilaire gets 5 of 5 Stars from BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair!

Santa Fe Crawl Space Dehumidifier Price

virginia beachThe price for a Santa Fe Compact 2 dehumidifier (most popular) sells for $1,118.99 at This unit was the replacement for the Santa Fe Compact 2 dehumidifier with new branding.

The price for a Santa Fe Advance90 dehumidifier (2 fans) sells for $1379.99 while the Advance100 sells for $1798.99 on the Sylvane website. These units are great for big crawl spaces that benefits from it’s ‘Dual Fan’ feature. It dispenses dry air in multiple directions.

The price for a Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier (basement) sells for $1,699.99. For large basements, we recommend this unit as the best basement dehumidifier available. It has a large capacity to control moisture in your wet basement. It is a standup unit, not applicable for crawl spaces because of it’s 36” height.

Santa Fe Reviews

We have also installed over 1,000 Santa Fe brand crawl space dehumidifiers. We don’t have many problems with these units but we switched to Aprilaire for the superior technology and warranty. The warranty for the Santa Fe compact dehumidifier (most common unit) is only 1 year on parts and labor, with a limited 5 year warranty. This warranty isn’t great.

The best thing about the Santa Fe crawl space dehumidifier is it’s super easy operation. The controls for the dehumidifier are simple. Set the dehumidifier to ‘Fan Auto’ and change the dial to ‘Normal / Dry’ and your crawl space should dry up IF it is properly sealed.

Assessing your Crawl Space for a Dehumidifier

If you suspect that your crawl space might have moisture issues, it’s a great idea to consult an expert. We’re happy to give you honest, un-biased options for controlling your crawl space moisture, with or without a dehumidifier. Our Expert Advisors will guide you on the best options for your home.

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