Hampton Roads Vapor Barrier Installation Services

Protect your home from vapor, moisture, mold and water damage.

Keep Moisture Out of Your Crawl Space

A damp or moist crawl space immediately attracts mold, fungus, and mildew. This, in turn, leads to wood damage and other structural issues that spread from your crawl space to the rest of your home.

That’s why it’s important to install vapor barriers for crawl spaces.

A vapor barrier isolates your home from any incoming moisture and makes it a healthier, more hygienic living space.

Say goodbye to damaged floors, softened walls, wood rot, and other crawl space issues. 

Leave the installation to our professionals and let us help you protect your home!

Attention to Detail & 100% Ground Coverage

We are dedicated to excellent service and doing a thorough job.

We also understand the need for covering as much ground as possible. That’s why we always aim to install our vapor barriers with as close to 100% ground coverage as practical.

For each of our projects, we also ensure that:

  • The vapor barriers are well-fastened
  • Vapor barriers can be upgraded to encapsulation
  • Vapor barriers are not installed above any existing moisture barriers

Equipped with the Best Vapor Barriers Available

Thin, flimsy barriers are easily torn and do little to protect your space from moisture and vapor. They will only cost you more money. 

From light-duty to heavy-duty polythene, 12 mil-fiber to 20 mil-fiber, we choose only the best vapor barriers for your crawl space. 

The 6-mil vapor barrier is a great choice for preventing moisture problems and isolating your home from unnecessary exposure water vapor.

Whether it’s crawl space vapor barriers or crawl space encapsulation, you can always expect a job done right, with the best vapor barriers available.

Clean Enough to Crawl in!

After we’re done expect to see a clean, debris-free crawl space that is good enough for storage! We believe in going above and beyond to give you a clean, moisture-free crawl space.

Once we’ve installed a good, crawl space moisture barrier, you can say goodbye to rodents and other animals building their homes and leaving their waste within your space. 

Unmatched Pricing for Top-Quality Work

Save yourself thousands of dollars and unnecessary hassles by investing in the ultimate crawl space solution. We guarantee a thorough, professional job and grade-A results. 

100% Financing & Flexible Payment Options

We understand that financing repairs can often be a burden. That is why we offer several flexible payment plans for all of our customers.

Request a quote for free and get an estimate for your project before you pay. 

Finance your entire project, a hundred percent. We do not ask for any deposits nor down payments. Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix your crawl space.

Spend now to save on the future.

Choose from up to three payment options and finance your project now!

A Long-Term Solution

Where most companies offer you a short-term solution with recurring costs, we provide a one-time investment and a long-term solution. 

Our installations are built to last giving you fantastic results for several years. Not only do we clean out any existing plastic and dirt, but we ensure a secure fitting of the best, most durable vapor barriers available for your crawl space. 

Our Vapor Barrier Installation Process

Step 1: Request a Quote

It starts with you. Want to schedule a consultation? Wondering how much our vapor barrier installation services cost?

Whatever your question is, we want to hear from you.

Request a quote through our online form, send us a mail, or give us a call to convey any query regarding your project!

Step 2: Schedule a Time

After a discussion regarding your needs, we’ll schedule a time that’s mutually convenient.

Step 3: Receive a Complete Analysis & Quote

Upon receiving the details of your request and scheduling a time, we then complete an analysis of your request and provide you with a complete estimate of the cost.

If you are unable to afford the cost, we offer a variety of flexible payment options to help you finance your needs. We allow 100% financing.

This means we do not require any deposits against our services. 

After receiving an estimate of our costs and the rundown on our services, you can then choose whether you would like to proceed with our services. 

Step 4: Cleaning Out the Crawl Space

Crawl space cleaning is an important step in our process.

Our team of experts cleans out your crawl space to eliminate any plastic, debris, sharp rock, or other contaminants from the area. 

This also includes removing any existing barrier, torn plastic, and other material left behind during a previous project.

Step 5: Crawl Space Grading

After the cleaning is complete, our focus will be on leveling the crawl space. Our aim is to make the surface as flat and even as possible to ensure a smooth, secure fitting.

This will ensure optimal protection against any moisture or water that comes in from the earth. It also allows for better coverage for the vapor barrier, and in turn, better protection. 

Step 6: Measurements & Assessment

Next, we complete a full assessment and survey of your crawl space. This allows us to get acquainted and prepare for any obstacles that come our way. 

During this stage, we also complete any measurements required for us to prepare for your barrier sizing needs. 

Step 7: Prepare the Vapor Barriers for the Crawl Space

After the measurement and assessment are complete, we now prepare the vapor barrier for your crawl space. 

This involves cutting the liner in accordance with the measurement taken and rolling it up in preparation for the installment.

Step 8: Stage the Liner

Next, it’s time to roll out the poly against the surface and cut tightly around and under any of the obstacles we’ve identified. The poly is staked to the ground. 

Our aim is to keep the plastic barrier as tightly wrapped as possible, allowing the vapor barrier maximum coverage across the ground. We aim for 100% whenever practical.

Step 9: Complete the Installation Process

During the final steps of the installation process, we secure the 6-mil to the ground using a stainless steel, 6-inch square stake.

Additionally, we also include a patented vapor barrier button to prevent the plastic from tearing if pulled. This ensures that your crawl space stays cleaner and well protected for a longer time. 

Step 10: Enjoy a Clean, Healthy, Hygienic Home

After we’re done, you’re free to enjoy a clean crawl space and a healthier home. A cleaner space means cleaner air, no mold, no dampness, and no more water damage to your wooden floors and walls. 

Feel free to use your crawl space as an additional storage unit for your home!

Your #1 Choice for Crawl Space Repair Services in Virginia & North Carolina

Our exclusive expertise in all things crawl space-related, makes us your go-to choice for vapor barrier installations in Virginia & North Carolina. 

Don’t just take our word for it. With over 500 homes serviced, 300 A-ratings for our work, and an overall rating of 5 stars, our achievements speak for themselves!

Over the years, we’ve also been honored with the following titles and awards:

  • Voted #1 Crawl Spare Repair services
  • The ‘Best of Foundation Repair’
  • Angies List’s Super Service award
  • The top 5% in the U.S.A

Whatever your crawl space needs are, our expert crawl space contractors are here to serve you!

How Much Will a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Cost You?

The cost of our vapor barrier installation services depend on the kind of needs you have. Every client has different needs, and we customize both, our pricing and services to fit those needs. 

Want a quick estimate for your home? It’s easy!

Feel free to fill out our form and request a quote for FREE! You can also give us a call or send us an email to find out more about our financing options. We’ll get back to you with a complete analysis and estimate of your request. 

Our Guarantee

Our team of professional contractors is dedicated to quality, detail, and all-round excellent work. With BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair Experts, you are guaranteed nothing but the best. 

If you are unhappy with our work or dissatisfied with any of the services we’ve provided, do reach out and address your grievances with us. We’d love to make it right.

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