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Flooring issues in your home can arise for various reasons, including as a result of mistreatment, accidents, and simple daily wear and tear. Damaged floors are a safety hazard, increasing the risk of trips and falls and negatively affecting your home’s aesthetics and overall value.

If there is an issue with your home’s flooring, it is essential that you seek professional repairs without delay. Here in Norfolk, VA, and surrounding areas, BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair is here when you need us.

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Common Residential Flooring Problems

Our team is able to correct a wide range of flooring problems quickly and professionally. Let’s look at some of the most common flooring problems that homeowners experience.

Sloping Floors

There are a number of possible causes of sloping floors. These include foundation settlement, weak framing, crawl space issues, busted floor joists, and subfloor issues.

In terms of repair, there are a number of options available depending on the specific cause of the sloping. These include flooring and subflooring replacement, wooden structure repair, and crawl space and foundation repair.

During our free inspection, we will diagnose the cause of the issue and recommend a solution.

Hardwood Floor Cupping

Hardwood flooring is an elegant, low-maintenance, and long-lasting flooring option for residential homes. Even though they are durable, hardwood floors are still susceptible to problems.

One of these is cupping, which is a wood floor’s natural reaction to moisture. It results in the edges of a board becoming higher than the center, which creates a concave shape. Common causes include subfloor moisture, humidity levels, improper installation, and leaks and spills.

Our team will help you address the cause of the issue and restore your floors back to looking their best.

Bulging Floors

Bulging floorboards are both a health and safety hazard and an aesthetic nightmare. Common causes include high humidity, water on/under the floor, poor installation, and improper or no acclimation.

Our expert team will diagnose the cause of the bulging floorboards and recommend a solution that works. We’ll also advise how you can prevent your floorboards from bulging in the future.

Sinking Floors

Sinking or sagging floors could be caused by a range of issues and, unless effectively addressed, could develop into a major safety and structural problem.

Some possible causes of sinking floors include foundation settlement, water damage, and improper joist placement. Possible solutions include “sistering” the sagging joists in the basement and jacking up floor joists in the crawl space.

Trim Separating From Floors

If you notice a gap forming between your flooring and the wall, or your baseboards separating from the wall, it might be an indication of structural damage. In such an instance, it’s important to directly address the underlying structural issue.

Common solutions to this issue include “sistering” floor joists, foundation repair, and replacing floor joists.

Bouncy Floors

Bouncy floors might sound like fun in one sense, though the reality is they are a serious flooring issue that requires professional repair.

Some common causes of bouncy floors include water damage to the subfloor, damaged joists, termite damage, undersized trusses, and lack of “blocking” and “cross bracing”. Our team will address the cause of the issue and carry out the necessary repairs.

Soft/Rotten Floors

Wood rot is a form of decay that is triggered by a combination of fungi and moisture. Various parts of a home are at risk of wood rot, including flooring (such as in basements, wet rooms, and outdoor decks).

It is essential that you contact a professional team to treat any flooring in your home that is soft or rotten. Contact us today for a free inspection.

How It Works

When a flooring issue strikes, getting professional repairs and solutions you can trust is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Check out our 3-step process here.

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Step 2: We Get to Work

Our team is made up of the best and most experienced professionals in our industry. We’ll ensure the work is completed quickly and professionally.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Repaired Floors

All that’s left to do is enjoy your repaired, good-as-new floors. To get started, simply get in touch today.

Why Choose Us?

Here at BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair, our mission is to provide you with a 5-star customer experience. We are fully licensed and insured to address your flooring problems as well as provide foundation and crawl space repair. We hold a Class A contractor’s license.

Our process is designed to make everything easy, smooth, and stress-free for you. Our pricing is cost-efficient and customized to fix whatever is important to you. Our repairs are also backed with long-term guarantees for your peace of mind.

We provide 50 expert services and have more than 400 years of combined experience and skills. Together, we have serviced more than 5,000 homes in Norfolk, VA, and surrounding areas.

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