Prevent Crawl Space Flooding

Solutions for Water in the Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are especially susceptible to water damage, which causes other damage to your home. Bay Crawlspace and Foundation Repair is a crawl space company that specializes in preventing crawl space flooding with crawl space drainage systems, ensuring your home and foundation are sound and steady, free from water in the crawl space. Click here for a free assessment and estimate.

What Causes Water In Crawl Spaces?

Multiple factors that can lead to water in crawl spaces. Knowing the cause of your excess crawl space moisture can help you determine the best solution. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Crawl Space Below Grade: the crawl space is lower than the ground outside.
  • Improper Grading: water draining towards the house leads to water in the crawl space.
  • Gutter Downspouts Draining near the Foundation: water should be directed away from the house.
  • Broken Water Lines: leaks can cause water to collect under the house.
  • Poorly Draining Soil: clay in the soil can stop water from draining into the ground, flooding the crawl space.

How Do I Prevent Excess Water In My Crawl Space?

If your crawl space is susceptible to flooding and water intrusion, it’s best to solve the problem at its source. However, most repairs on the exterior of the home can still fail to prevent water from collecting in the crawl space.

The best way to prevent excess water in the crawl space is to install a water management solution. French drains and sump pump drainage systems can be installed, that 100% guarantee your crawl space will not flood from groundwater or other natural causes.

What Do I Do If Water Has Already Collected In My Crawl Space?

Crawl space repair may be necessary for homes that frequently have standing water in the crawl space and flooding which can cause significant problems by allowing foundation settlement, wood rot from moisture damage, and ruined vapor barriers. Our repair process starts with an Expert Advisor from Bay Crawl Space and Foundation Repair that will determine the best repairs your crawl space needs, such as a drainage system, or whatever system will work best for your home to get rid of crawl space water.

Once your crawl space is rid of water, your foundation is better protected, and future moisture damage is prevented. As a crawl space company, Bay Crawl Space and Foundation Repair is committed to providing quality, expert crawl space repair services, saving your foundation and the belongings in your home from possible or further damage.

Crawl Space Drainage Systems


French DrainsFrench Drains, aka draintile, is the means of allowing water to be directed where the system designer wishes. It should allow water into the inners of the piping but not allow debris and sand to enter the piping. A well-installed system will not be visible but will be covered up with drainage stone to prevent clogging and allow the easy egress of water.

The appropriate depth, shape, and how extensive the system is should be decided by an experienced crawl space technician. A closed-loop system is most effective and more is typically better. Installation is very hard and labor intensive so a proper system design is important to prevent cost gouging.

This system should allow the removal of water for a lifetime from your crawl space! Our systems come with a 25 Year No-Clog Guarantee!


Improper installation is common here and can cause failure of the system… Crawl space drainage is a rugged application and should be strong enough to withstand the conditions.

The sump pump itself will be sitting in a constant pit of water and will often have to pump very large volumes during a good downpour. The less moving parts, the better! We only use the best pumps with low failure rates, high power, and reputable warranty service.

The sump pump basin MUST allow water to the pump while PROTECTING the pump itself from debris. The best sump pump basins will have small holes drilled, be very strong, and allow direct penetration from the drainage pipes. Also, the anti-float plate at the bottom of the basin, prevents the whole system from being dislodged due to hydrostatic pressure.


Once the water makes it’s way into the sump pump basin, it is pumped out with a sump pump. A crawl space sump pump should be activated by the presence of water. Our pumps utilize vertical float switches so once the water level reaches a certain point, the water is discharged outside the crawl space.

As long as the sump pump has power, the water level should not rise high enough to show signs of flooding in the crawl space. These pumps are made powerful enough to discharge over 3,700 gallons per hour. Also, the impeller permits the passage of solids without clogging.

Some pumps require you to be present, plug in, and unplug the pump to turn it on and off. They are not suited for a crawl space water management system and should run automatic.


When power is lost in a home, the power to most sump pumps is lost. For that reason, battery-backups are recommended with crawl space water management systems that seek to keep the crawl space dry, “all the time”.

With a battery back-up sump pump system, the back-up pump activates in the event of a power loss. It is powered by a 12V deep cycle battery external to the sump pump system, typically near the pump. It should be inside of a purpose built battery container and sat on top of a wooden or concrete block.

The backup pump in the system we install, can pump a healthy 2,300 GPH at a 10 foot head which rivals many standard 1/3HP 120V operated primary or main sump pumps helping with management of water in crawl space.

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