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Crawl Space Structural Repair

Without the proper structural repairs, structural problems from moisture, wood rot, and termite damage can hurt the structural integrity of a building and become a road block in real estate transactions. In the crawl space, structural issues can show themselves in the form of drywall cracks, soft spongy floors, bouncy floors, sticking doors, or sloping uneven floors.

If your home is experiencing any structural issues or wood rot, you may require floor joist repair, beam replacement, subfloor repair, or sill plate replacement. Every home is different so every home requires a custom solution.

Many homes were designed correctly, but with exposure to moisture over a prolonged period of time floor framing can become weaker. Our experts will inspect your home and determine the cause and best solution to repair your crawlspace. If caught in time, these problems can be fixed with the right approach. We can help, whether you need subfloor repair contractors, floor joist repair contractors, or foundation repair contractors. We even offer crawl space encapsulationvapor barriers, and crawl space drainage systems for crawl space moisture control.

Structural Repair Solutions


structural-repair-virginia-beach-vaMost structural problems are fixed by adding additional support where the existing support is inadequate. By doubling up floor joists, aka sistering joists, you can restore the structural integrity to moisture damaged floor joists.

Beams in crawl spaces typically should be replaced but depending on the severity of the damage and what’s above the beam, it may make sense to reinforce a damaged beam with steel reinforcement.

Subfloor repair can sometimes be done from below with non-intrusive methods, like subfloor plating. Subfloor replacement is recommended when the subfloor is damaged and weakened in a large area or where repairs cannot be done from below.


Making your floors more level and fixing sticking doors commonly go hand in hand with structural repair. Most of these problems are caused by inadequate strength of the floor framing which is made up of beams and joists. Moist wood is typically weaker so beams can bow and joists can sag.

Additional support will probably be necessary. The good news is that an experienced technician with a well thought out system design can yield some great results!

It is most important for optimum results to use additional supports that can be adjusted, have adequate support (between components and the footing), as well as be suited for the rugged environment of a crawl space. We only use the best products and installation methods.


Crawl Space Floor Support JacksTitan Adjustable Crawl Jacks are installed to reinforce failing or weakened floor structure. Our standard Titan Crawl Jack is  installed with powerful, custom engineered footing capable of supporting up to 12,000 pounds each. We can support up to 60,000 pounds if needed.

They are installed by first digging and pouring custom footings. Once the footing has cured we can custom fit the pipe and assembly that allows us to add pressure and lift the structure. All metal components are galvanized which prevents rust in the future.

Depending on your structural repair goals, we can stop bouncy floors from shaking, stabilize your upstairs structure, prevent future settlement problems within the crawl space, and even close up cracks above doors often times.


heavy duty linerWith the right prevention methods, you won’t need structural repair! A large majority of structural problems are caused by moisture. That being said, most moisture in a crawl space only comes from 3 sources:

1. Moisture from the humidity in the air

2. Moisture from the earth

3. Moisture from flooding and water

Fortunately, costly repairs can be prevented with a different kind of crawl space. It’s known by many names… crawl space sealing, encapsulation, or an unvented crawl space to name a few. Learn more about crawl space encapsulation!

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