How Foundation Repair Cost Is Calculated

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Did you know that almost 90% of all US residential crawl spaces get some sort of moisture damage throughout their lifetimes? This doesn’t only affect the personal belongings you might have in your crawl space, but also the foundation.

The foundation of your house is extremely important, although usually overlooked. If it gets damaged, it can compromise the structural integrity of your house. That’s why it’s important to repair small cracks and leaks caused by water before they get too big.

Keep reading to learn more about the factors that influence foundation repair cost so that you know what budget to prepare in the future

1. The Cost of the Inspection

One of the main issues with a house foundation is that you might not be able to see the damage right away. Some parts of the foundation are buried deep underground and they cannot be inspected with the naked eye. That’s why the first step is to hire a professional contractor who can inspect the foundation properly.

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A trained professional knows where to look to spot damage and how bad the situation can be. On top of that, some professionals also use high-quality equipment such as thermal imaging devices to look for leaks.

Once the inspection is finished, the experts can advise you on the next steps. If you hire an engineer, the initial inspection might cost several hundred dollars, depending on the size of your house and other factors. For a free assessment, call a professional foundation repair contractor like BAY.

2. Dealing with Minor Cracks

If you’re lucky, chances are that your foundation is not that damaged. Minor cracks and leaks can be patched quickly using the right materials and tools. In this case, the repair costs are minimal and that’s why it’s better to perform periodic inspections to catch small damage early on.

To give you a rough estimate on how much you should expect to pay, keep in mind that patching a 10-foot long crack might cost several hundred dollars. These repairs are done by grinding out the cracked mortar, potentially replacing bricks / cinderblock, and re-applying mortar in the mortar joints. The mason might also apply a sealant to make the crack waterproof and prevent water from infiltrating your foundation.

3. Dealing with Major Problems

On the other hand, unlucky homeowners might have to deal with major leaks and deep cracks. In this case, the cost of foundation repair can be higher, reaching up to several thousand dollars in total. That’s because the professionals might use different techniques and repair methods to completely restore the foundation of your house.

For example, when major repairs are needed, the experts might have to install foundation push piers, which can cost between $1400-2300 each. They might have to pour new concrete and apply reinforcement to prevent further damage. Drainage services might also be required to eliminate water that has been infiltrated deep into the foundation.

As you can see, there are major steps required to repair a badly damaged foundation. Each procedure takes time and planning, leading to higher costs. However, the professionals will also waterproof your foundation, so you might not have to deal with water damage for decades to come.

4. Factoring In Additional Costs

The problem with fixing a foundation is that it needs to be done with precision and care. You cannot simply replace components or parts and move on to the next job. That’s why, in some cases, additional costs might arise. For example, if an extra-difficult excavation is necessary to reach the bottom of the foundation, you might need extra effort, which could incur additional expense.

The permits, inspections, and engineering reports might cost several hundred dollars and can be procured by your contractor. You also need to take into consideration power lines and water pipes underground.

If you need to work on your foundation, you might need to remove any trees or greenery that are in your way. Such landscaping services also cost money and they will add to the total bill.

5. Dealing with Attached Structures

Other things besides trees can get in the way when trying to fix a foundation. Other items such as a deck, patio, or even a garage can also pose a problem.

Remember that these structures are connected to the foundation of your house in one way or another. They need to be properly dealt with before the process of restoring your foundation begins.

For example, the professionals might decide to temporarily disassemble your patio or deck. You might also need to evacuate your garage and all its contents so that they don’t get damaged in the process. Such tasks will also add to the total cost of repairing your foundation.

6. Obtaining Estimates Is Your Safest Bet

Before launching into a complex foundation repair project, make sure that you know what to expect. Obtain estimates or quotes from multiple companies that are specialized in home foundation repair services. These estimates will give you a rough idea of how much money you can expect to spend.

Obviously, you also need an initial inspection to assess the size of the damage. Once this inspection is over, it’s time for you to make a decision.

To give you a few rough estimates, most foundation repair projects can cost between $5,000 and $10,000 on average. Keep in mind that if you have a larger house, you might also have a bigger foundation, and this means more work for the contractors to do.

Also, if your property is quite old, chances are that the foundation might be more damaged than you think. Plan this investment wisely because you only need to do it once or twice throughout your lifetime.

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Now You Know More About The Foundation Repair Cost!

As you can see, the foundation repair cost depends on a wide variety of factors. What you need to do now is to get outside and visually inspect your house.

Are there any horizontal cracks? Are there damaged bricks? Do you see signs of humidity on the exterior of your foundation?