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6 Benefits of Crawl Space Repair

Blake Heron

Crawl spaces are a vital part of any home. They provide storage space for things that you may not think of often but are essential to the running of your household nonetheless. Crawl space repair is necessary if you want to maintain the integrity of your crawl space.

This blog post will discuss six benefits of crawl space repair that make your home more comfortable and healthier.

1. Prevents Pests

Pests are a major problem in crawl spaces. From rodents to roaches and termites, crawl spaces provide a home for all sorts of unwelcome visitors.

But crawl space repair can help prevent pests because it can address the conditions that are attracting them. By repairing your crawl space, you remove one of the most common reasons why these pesky insects are able to gain access into your home in the first place.

If crawl space repair is done correctly, you can expect to see fewer pests entering your home.

2. Prevents Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew thrive in moist crawl spaces, which is why crawl space repair prevents these types of issues.

When crawl space repair systems are installed correctly to remove excess moisture, you can prevent mold and other infestations that often come with it. If left untreated, a damp or wet crawl space will cause an environment where molds flourish.

However, crawl space repair will prevent mold and other problems by maintaining a dry crawl space.

While crawl spaces are typically dark and musty-smelling environments, to begin with, they’re not typically the primary cause of such smells. There must be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

If crawl space repair is done correctly and the crawl space’s ventilation system works effectively, you will prevent mold growth and eliminate musty smells.

Mold can be a dangerous problem in your home because it causes respiratory issues such as asthma or allergies that can put your family at risk. However, crawl space repair prevents these problems from occurring.

So when you notice signs of mold, mildew, or water damage in crawl spaces, make sure to address it right away. Find professional crawl space repair services in your area to help you determine what is needed.

3. Prevents Structural Damage

Crawl space repair can prevent structural damage by making sure your crawl space is structurally sound.

When crawl spaces are neglected, they become damaged over time, leading to bigger problems eventually. When floors cave in or walls crack because of lack of maintenance, it’s a sign that crawl space repairs need to be done as soon as possible.

Structural issues with crawl spaces may not seem like much at first, but these small cracks will lead to larger problems if left untreated. Some common signs you should look out for include:

  • Warped floors
  • Leaning chimneys
  • Sagging beams or joists
  • Bulging brickwork around foundation walls
  • Doors that won’t close properly due to floor expansion/contraction

Whenever there seems to be a disturbance in the crawl space, make sure to call up professional crawl space repair services. Do not try crawl space repair on your own because you can make the situation worse. A professional crawl space repair service will know how to properly reinforce and support crawl spaces if needed, so call for assistance.

4. Prevents Heating Issues

Is your crawl space too hot or cold?

Crawl space repair can help with crawl spaces that are either too hot or cold.

When crawl spaces aren’t properly insulated, they lose a lot of heat in the winter and gain during the summer months. This is because crawl spaces don’t have much insulation to stop airflow when temperatures change outside your house.

These types of issues will cause heating bills to go up. So crawl space repairs must be done to crawl spaces that are either too hot or cold.

This is because repair work will increase insulation within your crawl space, which can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

5. Adds Value to Your Home

When you’re thinking of home improvements, you may never think about crawl spaces, but crawl space repairs can add value to your property.

Crawl space insulation has a positive impact on energy consumption and thus living costs. When selling your home one day, this improvement will be reflected in the price tag. Buyers will be willing to pay more for increased efficiency in their new residence.

So crawl space repair is another way to increase your home’s resale value by making it an even better place to live.

6. Prevents Crawl Space Flooding

Crawl space repair has the power to prevent crawl space flooding.

When crawl spaces are not properly sealed or drained, they become entry points for water that will eventually lead into your crawl space. This can be a huge problem that can ruin property, especially if water damage is not addressed promptly.

Crawl space repair will ensure the spaces are better sealed so that they prevent any potential water leaks from entering your home’s foundation. This means crawl spaces are no longer entry points for water to enter your property and lead to flooded basements, or worse, rot in walls or flooring.

Crawl Space Repair Is Important for Your Home

So as you can see, crawl space repair has many benefits associated with it. It is something everyone should look into at least once in a while.

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Written By Blake Heron

Blake has specialized in crawl space & foundation repairs for over 10 years (since 2012). His prior engineering and business degrees from James Madison University in VA prepared him for a mastery of problem solving with crawl space & foundation repair issues. He is one of America’s top experts on crawl space encapsulation. As Founder of both ‘BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair’ as well as ‘GridLock Foundations’ he is a leading industry expert on crawl space foundation repairs.

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