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Does Your Ductwork Sweat?

Blake Heron

Commonly, we find that the wood framing closest to the ductwork has the most damage. This is because the cool air escapes and radiates from the cold air duct work. That cool air makes the surface of the wood colder and once again… warm humid air + cool surface = moisture! It’s unfortunate but that’s just how it goes…

There is a fix. For the homeowner who wants to protect their investment, it is a fantastic option to look into encapsulating your crawl space. You can control the moisture in a way that treats the under-side of your home like a time capsule. When you seal out all outside air and the moisture from the earth, you can condition the air and keep it dry all the time!

Once you encapsulate your crawl space correctly, your ductwork will no longer sweat. That means the cool air you’re paying for is staying cool and that means saving $$$ for you in the form of energy savings and longevity of your cooling units… assuming that running less will make the unit last longer!

There is much craftsmanship that goes into a successful crawl space encapsulation and the quality of materials really matters!

Have one of our inspectors have a look under your house to see what you have to gain!

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