Fixing the Damage from Hurricane Dorian

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Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas early last week as a Category 5 Hurricane and caused immense destruction in the island nation claiming 43 lives and leaving more than 70,000 people homeless. As the hurricane moved towards the States it weakened into a Category 1 storm and causing landfall in North Carolina on Friday. The storm forced roughly 800 people in North Carolina to climb the attics of their houses to escape the water from flooding.

The weakening hurricane is expected to transform into a Category 3 post-tropical cyclone in the next couple of days and is expected to bring tropical storm conditions to parts of Maine and southeastern Massachusetts. The hurricane has caused significant damage across the eastern coast, creating a need for hurricane damage repairs. Thousands of people across the eastern US seaboard are left without power while 20,000 residents of the Canadian Maritimes have lost power as well.

Did your Home Suffer From Hurricane Damages?

If you live in and around the US East coast, it is highly likely that your home might have suffered damages due to the strong winds and flooding which accompanied Dorian. Some common signs of damages you may come across will include uneven or sloped floors, leaning or bowing walls, cracks in the structure or foundation, and damage to siding or roofing. It is essential that you examine your house thoroughly from the inside and outside to assess the extent of the damage that has been done to the structure.

BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair Professionals Provide Solutions for Damages from Hurricane Dorian

Whatever be the damages caused by hurricane Dorian, BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair professionals are here to help you in the rehabilitation of your house. With an expert team, we provide several repair services for residential structures that can help fix the damage caused by the hurricane –

Sinkhole Remediation

Sinkholes are a consequence of excessive soil erosion and shifting that would have been caused due to the flooding caused due to the hurricane. This weakens the overall integrity of the soil beneath the house and calls for immediate action to be taken to prevent any further damage to the house. If you see sagging areas in your yard or a sinkhole after floodwater recedes, immediately give us a call and we will be there to help you. Our professionals use a variety of techniques for sinkhole remediation after a thorough assessment of the conditions.

Foundation Repair

Flooding can cause significant damage to the foundation of the houses and may lead to the settling of the structure as the water recedes. Also, the storm may result in the development of cracks in the foundation. These situations call for immediate action. With years of experience in the industry, we are well-equipped to undertake any complex foundation repair tasks. We offer professional leveling, stabilizing, and lifting services to restore the integrity of the foundation along with a set of other services to ensure the complete rehabilitation of the structure.

Structural Repair

Hurricane and storms can cause a plethora of structural damages to the house. Here at BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair, our professionals are more than capable of handling different kinds of structural repairs that may be necessary due to the hurricane.

Why Call Us?

Our team provides services across North Carolina and Virginia. With multiple locations across these states, we are well-equipped to offer personalized services tailored to your requirements. If your home was damaged due in hurricane Dorian, we want to do everything we can to restore your life to normal. We are offering free property inspections and quotes along with flexible payment options to help you restore your safe haven in this time of distress. Call us today and let us help you fix your home from the damage caused by the hurricane.


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Written By Blake Heron

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