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Foundation settlement can be intimidating, as most people know foundation repair costs can be high. At the first sign of damage due to foundation settlement, many might call the largest foundation contractor they’ve heard of. This can be a costly mistake, as some sales people will often try scaring homeowners into making rash decisions.

At Bay Crawlspace and Foundation Repair, we operate on client education. Our approach is much more of a consultation, ensuring that our clients are informed along the way. We offer custom solutions, tailored to meet your specific preferences. We use ‘No Pressure Sales’ rather than ‘High Pressure Sales’ because we genuinely want you to feel comfortable from start to finish.

Your foundation crack repair solution should take many things into consideration. You’re not just concerned about fixing your foundation–you want to be sure that you’re getting the best price on the solution that lasts delivered by foundation contractors with integrity. We give a technical diagnosis of what’s causing foundation failure, keep you informed throughout the process and ensure that we’re catering your solution to your individual foundation repair needs.Click here for a free expert assessmentand estimate for your foundation repair needs.

When to Call Foundation Repair Companies

You may be in the research phase of your foundation repair project. If so, you should know what problems to look for when you’re considering calling foundation repair companies near you.

If you notice any of these warning signs on your house, it’s time to call a professional foundation repair company to assess your concerns and offer the best foundation repair solutions for your home.

Cracked Bricks

Brick cracks, or stair-step cracks, are the most common sign that you have a crack in your foundation. As the foundation crack gets worse, due to “differential settlement”, the cracks in the brick widen and become longer.

Sloping Uneven Floors

Most homes, when they are built, are level and even. Everything in a house is supported bottom to top, resting on the foundation, so if the floors are uneven or sloping, then something has settled. Your floors could be sloping due to foundation settlement, a settled support pier, or weakened floor framing.

Sticking Doors

If you have an exterior door that is sticking, then chances are you will need a foundation repair company to fix the cause of the sticking door. If an interior door is sticking, your floor framing or support piers are likely causing this issue.

Gaps Around Windows

Often times, gaps around windows can open as the foundation is settling in an area. You might notice the caulk around the window separate or the window might stop operating properly. If your windows are sticking, you’ll want to call a professional foundation repair company.

Gaps in Trim

As parts of the building structure settle, you might notice gaps begin to form in the trim including: crown molding, door framing, base board, etc. Any worsening gaps are a sure sign that part of your house is settling.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your house, it’s time to call a foundation repair company that specializes in fixing the specific problems you’re experiencing. Our Expert Advisors are trained to diagnose the causes of your house settlement issues and

How to Hire a Foundation Repair Company Near Me

In foundation repair, we strongly urge people to ‘Trust the Experts’. This project should likely be a once-in-a-lifetime undertaking. It’s critically important to get it right the first time. When we say ‘Trust the Experts’ we mean do not hire people or companies who offer foundation repair as a side service or secondary offering. Any company you hire should specialize in foundation repair.

Our recommendation is to only work with professional contractors with a strong history of client success stories. A good reputation is extremely important. Look into the online reviews, Better Business Bureau rating, and the quality of the company’s branding. These are all a strong reflection of the quality of the foundation repair company you’re considering. Foundation repair warranties are long-term, and you’ll want to hire a company that is likely to be around for many years to come.

If you’re considering hiring a handyman or company who offers foundation repair as a secondary service, we strongly urge you to reconsider. It’s not worth the risk of a failed project to potentially save a few dollars. At Bay Crawlspace and Foundation Repair, our prices are often times lower in cost than any risky alternatives.

When you’re ready to hire a foundation repair company, call our office at 757-460-0444 for a free assessment of your foundation or request a free inspection here. We provide no-pressure, no-obligation advice and solutions to offer peace of mind regarding your home.

House Foundation Crack Repair Options

As you may have noticed, there is a common theme in the cause of foundation problems. Most foundation problems that require foundation leveling occur due to issues involving the soil supporting the foundation.

Loose or shifting soil can erode from under your foundation, causing a lack of support for your foundation walls. This can result in foundation settling, or differential settlement, causing your foundation to be uneven. Differential settlement simply means that one part of the foundation is settling at a different rate than another part of the foundation. Since changes in soil moisture are what cause foundation problems, we must address the soil when considering how to repair the foundation.

There’s no great one-size-fits-all solution for foundation repair on houses. Every home is different so each specific concern should be addressed individually. That’s why it’s a great idea to have trained foundation repair experts help diagnose your home and provide the best recommendations to suit your needs and preferences.

Here are a few of the most common foundation repair solutions used today in VA and NC:

House Leveling Jacks

Crawl space jacks can be installed to offer stabilization to your floor structure. If any support piers have dropped or beams have sagged or joists are bowing under the weight of the house, we can install crawl space jacks with the opportunity for house leveling.

Equally important as the quality of the components is the footing. The foundation supporting these jacks should be 2X as strong as the weight it is designed to support. In engineering, this is called a ‘Factor of Safety’ and is critical to the long-term support of your house.

With house leveling jacks, we can also install new floor support beams. New beams, footings, and crawl space jacks should always be stronger than what’s required to prevent failure. The beams can support your floor joists ‘mid-span’ and restore the strength to your floors, reducing slope and bounce.

Foundation Push Piers

Foundation push piers bypass the weakest layers of soil and support your home on the strongest soil layers under the house. We use the weight of the home to drive heavy steel pipe sections into the ground until we reach the strongest, most stable soils.

Once the home is resting on the strongest soils, we have the opportunity to attempt house leveling. We can unilaterally apply pressure to several push piers at the same time and lift the house slowly and strategically. This is your best chance for correction.

With properly installed foundation push piers, we can Guarantee Stabilization for the Life of the Structure. Our Titan SP-90 Push Piers are capable of supporting up to 90,000 pounds each. All push piers are approved by a licensed professional engineer.

Helical Piers

Helical foundation piers are like giant screws or augers that are twisted into the ground to support a structure. The surface area of the spiral coils, aka helices, is what actually supports the weight of the structure.

Helical foundation piers are great for new construction but not so great for ‘Retrofit Applications’. Here are some reasons why helical piers are not recommended for residential foundation repair on existing homes:

  1. Without expensive engineering analysis of the soil layers, the install could be ineffective.
  2. Roots, rocks, and other obstructions could provide false ‘pressure readings’ leading to inadequate support.
  3. In ‘Retrofit Applications’, the piers cannot be driven straight down but are installed at a slight angle which weakens the support.

Concrete Underpinning

This foundation repair option is basically installing a footing underneath your footing. We only recommend this approach when push piers are not an option such as when the structure is too light or when the push pier installation equipment won’t fit due to space restrictions.

Our Approach to House Foundation Repair

With the knowledge of common signs of foundation failure, what might be causing them, and how they are fixed, along with the guidance of our trusted professionals, you can make an informed decision on the best solution for your home.

The basic approach to foundation repair or foundation leveling where the goal is to stabilize and potentially lift the area of settlement, is to bypass the problem soils. It is the soil immediately under the footing that has failed and caused the foundation to settle.

Foundation push piers can bring your foundation back to where it needs to be, supporting your home and preventing further damage from failing soil and the incoming moisture. Often times, we find that the best solution for improving the structural integrity of your home and leveling your foundation is foundation push piers.

Assessing Your Need for Foundation Repair

If you have any concerns of foundation settlement, it’s time to call a professional foundation repair company. Our Expert Advisors are trained to identify the causes, signs, and best repair options for any foundation repair solutions you might need. If you’re concerned about the integrity of your home, we offer free no-obligation, no-pressure inspections and estimates.

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