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How to Protect Your Basement and Home From Foundation Replacement

BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair

Maybe you purchased a home knowing there were basement leaks that you’d need to address, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Maybe you’ve noticed the early signs of a damaged foundation but didn’t know that acting fast can save money.

The reality is that a major foundation fix or full foundation replacement can cost as much as $25,000. Proactive home maintenance can save your property value and your wallet.

Taking steps like waterproofing your basement or crawl space can go a long way toward protecting your foundation. Read on to learn more about these steps and others that will protect your home foundation.

Address Minor Foundation Damage

If your foundation has already sustained a bit of damage, you’re going to want to address the damage before taking any preventative measures. Common issues that homeowners see include:

  • Cracks in the foundation bricks or concrete
  • Old or damaged joists
  • Rotting or corroding beams
  • Soil erosion

None of these issues will resolve themselves and, in fact, will only get worse with time. Severe foundation damage not only causes residual damage around the home, but it can present serious safety hazards.

Signs of Foundation Damage

Homeowners may start to notice signs of structural issues around the home and not realize that they’re tied to the home’s foundation. While getting a foundation inspection is the best way to find out if your home needs foundation repairs, you can also take note of issues like:

  • Warped floorboards and sloping floors
  • Gaps in the trim (e.g., crown molding and door frames)
  • Drafts caused by gaps around windows
  • Rotting joists and beams
  • Pooling water or water stains in the basement
  • Mold growth that starts in the basement

This kind of structural damage may seem like the natural result of your home aging, but even old homes can remain structurally sound with the right foundation care. Don’t let these problems go untreated. 

Remove Moisture from Your Basement

Moisture is one of the biggest sources of foundation damage in any home. In Norfolk, where humidity levels and rainfall are high year-round, many homeowners struggle with moisture in the basement or crawl space. At BAY, we offer multiple solutions to remove moisture and keep your foundation dry.


As a first line of defense, we can install dehumidifiers in the basement or crawl space. This will remove moisture from the area, preventing condensation and lowering humidity levels. Dehumidifiers can also prevent mold growth from taking hold of your basement and spreading to other areas of the home.

Pumps and Drains

While dehumidifiers can reduce humidity, they aren’t enough to tackle steady leaks or pooling water, both of which can seep through the basement floor and into the foundation. When this amount of water makes its way into your foundation, it can cause cracks and soil erosion, which can do the most significant damage to your home’s structure.

There are two options homeowners can choose from to collect water in the basement and keep it from damaging the foundation. The first is a French drain and the second is a sump pump. Together, we can determine which is best for your home before our team provides expert installation. 

Keep Water Out

Whether or not you have an active moisture problem or leak in your basement, it’s important to take preventative steps to keep water out. With the right solutions, you can prevent humidity, pooling, and floods from doing serious damage to your foundation.

Vapor Barriers

Vapor barriers are a great choice for homes that have an ongoing humidity problem. When installed properly, vapor barriers provide 100% wall-to-wall ground coverage. 

First, we will remove any old moisture barriers in your home or crawl space and clean the floors. Then, we will secure the vapor barrier so that no water can get into the space from below. This can save your home from mold, rot, and other problems that result from high humidity. 


For the most thorough basement and foundation waterproofing, homeowners can choose encapsulation. Encapsulation uses similar materials that we use to create vapor barriers. The key difference is that encapsulation covers your entire basement, including all or part of the walls and beams. 

Depending on the age and condition of the vapor barrier, we can often upgrade the vapor barrier to create full encapsulation. This may be the best choice for homeowners who aren’t sure what level of protection they need for their home and foundation. 

Divert Water Away

There are additional steps homeowners can take to divert external water sources away from the foundation. While these DIY methods can’t take the place of professional intervention, they can add another layer of protection.

Clean Gutters

At least once a year, homeowners should clean their gutters. If your home is surrounded by trees that lose their leaves in the fall, you may also want to install gutter guards to prevent leaves out. If necessary, extend the downspout to direct water farther away from the home. 

Gutters do more than keep water from pooling on your roof. They also capture water so that it can flow down and away from your home, rather than spilling over and pooling right above your foundation. 

Capture Water for Better Use

Ideally, homes should be built at the top of a graded slope so that water naturally moves downhill and away from the foundation. If your home is built on flat land, there are a few ways to capture rainfall for better use.

The first is to install a rain barrel below your downspout and use that water for things like your garden or lawn. The second is to plant a rain garden that will absorb runoff rather than letting it seep into the ground near your foundation.

Avoid Foundation Replacement with BAY Solutions 

Foundation replacement is one of the most expensive upgrades a homeowner can pay for. However, when your foundation falls into serious disarray, it becomes a necessary expense.

BAY is an award-winning crawl space and foundation repair contractor that proudly serves the wider Norfolk area. Schedule a free inspection to learn more about our expert solutions that will renew and protect your home for years to come.