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Natural Disasters and Your Crawl Space

Blake Heron

Concerns of mold, sagging floors, rotting wood and even eventual wall cracks can occur. Ignoring water in a crawl space after a storm can be easily done. The surface of your home seems to be in normal condition and once the flooding outside subsidies, thoughts of water damages doesn’t cross most minds

A natural disaster can be detrimental to homes, even leaving some completely destroyed. Crawl spaces are no exception to nature’s laws and can develop mold and weak or rotted wood over time. This will also produce mold spores and dust mites allowing them to enter your home affecting allergies and respiratory conditions. Crawl space moisture should never be underestimated. Affected wood can lead to future damages to your home structure or foundation, with repairs can exceed most budgets!

Make sure your crawl space is prepared for any unexpected weather conditions. Norfolk and Virginia Beach areas rank in the top 5 cities vulnerable to hurricane water damages, with 2 major hurricanes Irene and Matthew in just the last 5 years! If you haven’t taken a look around your crawl space in a while or even ever it would severely benefit you to contact a professional crawl space contractor to access if there has been any damage and what you can do for future flood protection. Some crawl space solutions may include a drain system, encapsulation, moisture barriers, or maybe a dehumidifier. Contact BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair today at 757-460-0444, an educated crawl space contractor experienced in all fields of water and moisture management. Offering you the best value around and 5-star service.

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