Professional Brick Repair Services
in Hampton Roads, VA

Brick Repair Services
in Hampton Roads, VA

Get certified masonry repair services for residential properties in Hampton Roads, VA.

Professional Brick Crack Repair Services You Can Count On

If you’re looking to make your damaged brick wall good as new, you’re at the right place. We bring quality workmanship to Hampton Roads, providing professional assistance to building owners who need masonry services. Our team helps you find the right brick sizes, colors, and textures to match your existing structure. We work to not only fix the current problems but also prevent issues in the future. Our services include:

Brick and Mortar Repair

We work in compliance with the local building codes to remove, repair, and replace damaged bricks. We devote our attention and effort to restoring the appearance and structural integrity of masonry buildings.

Brick Tuckpointing

Restore the aesthetics and integrity of your brick property with tuckpointing. We use up-to-date techniques to deliver the best results. Our team takes into account climatic conditions, the age of your property, and the types of aggregates during every tuckpointing project. And while the initial repair will stand out, our masons have exceptional skills for quality tuckpointing.

Brick Replacement

Whether you are looking to update your home with a new look or repair an already damaged wall, we can help. We replace broken or missing bricks in the walls, sealing your home from the elements while giving it a fresh look.

Brick Matching

While bricks may account for a small percentage of the total building cost, they play a significant role in the structural integrity and external appearance of your home. With a vast selection of brick textures, sizes, and colors, you need a partner who can help you choose the best bricks for your property.

Lintel Replacement

Lintels carry the load-bearing weight above windows and door openings. Any damage to these structural areas should be addressed immediately to prevent structural weaknesses. Our team works to determine the best approach and replace corroded lintels with top-of-the-line models.

Mortar Joint Repair

Loose mortar joints can occur in any brick structure, including home exteriors, walls, and chimneys. Coupled with harsh weather conditions, they can cause a lot of damage and expensive repairs. Give us a call for a quick remedy that’ll increase resistance to bad weather and improve the overall look of your property.

What Causes Brick Cracks?

Brick cracks do not always mean a serious structural problem. However, if left unattended, they expose your home to mold, water damage, and costly repairs. Knowing the different types of brick cracks can help you solve the root problem and ensure it doesn’t reoccur in the future. Here are some of the main causes of brick cracks that we encounter:

Soil Subsidence

Construction of any building starts with soil excavation. The ground settles with time, causing the house to shift. This results in vertical cracks. Your house may experience extensive damage depending on the type of soil it’s built on.

Corrosion and Deterioration of Building Materials

Building materials don’t last forever. Poor maintenance, weather fluctuations, and gravity wear down the structure with time. If concrete foundations aren’t done properly, they crack and expose the reinforcement to moisture. This can lead to corrosion and eventual cracking in brick walls.

Climate and Seasonal Changes

Building materials respond tremendously to seasonal changes and climatic conditions. Long periods of drought, along with rain and water, can have devastating effects on the foundation and walls.

Reactive Soils in the Area

Some soils, such as clay, expand when moist and crack when dry. If your house is built on such reactive soils, it can shift and develop cracks.

Construction in the Area

Construction work near your building comes with constant vibrations from excavations and heavy machinery use. This can increase the risk of brick wall cracks.

Trees Close to the House

Big trees with invasive roots near a building can damage the foundation. And because they require a lot of water, they can also affect moisture levels in the soil and lead to wall cracks.

When Should You Call Us for Brick Masonry Services?

Some brick cracks are simply unsightly, while others are indicators of more serious issues. It is difficult to determine whether the crack is due to a serious problem without the help of a professional. Knowing the warning signs can help you determine when your building requires the immediate attention of our professionals. Some warning signs include:

  • Changes in the direction, length, and/or shape of cracks
  • Dysfunctional doors and windows due to changes in brick walls
  • Cracking near the foundation of your home
  • Leaning brick chimney

Benefits of Masonry Repairs

Masonry materials may be rugged and durable, but they also require upkeep. Our masonry repairs help property owners in Hampton Roads, VA, preserve the beauty and structural integrity of their structural buildings. It also solves several other problems, including:

Insecure Walls

This is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. Our brick masonry repair and foundation repair services help stabilize your property quickly so you can stop worrying about the safety of your home.

Support Chimneys

Brick chimneys are incredibly heavy structures. They need some care if the support fails and poses a structural threat to your home. We can help reinforce the support your chimney needs.

Correct Leaning

If any part of the building (walls, foundation, or chimney) appears to lean inward or outward, you have an imminent problem on your hands. Call us for an immediate fix.

Fix Cracked Bricks

Got a wall crack that looks like a side view of a stairwell? Whether it’s due to foundation problems, material deterioration, or a design flaw, our expert masonry repair can restore the structural integrity of your property.

Our Process: How We Work

Step 1: Inspection Request

Complete the online inspection request form, and we’ll get back to you right away. You can also call us to talk about your project and arrange for an inspection.

Step 2: Inspection

We assess your property, identify the problem areas, and recommend the best solutions.

Step 3: Consultation

We answer your questions and address any concerns you might have while creating a custom scope of work with you.

Step 4: Professional Service

Our team of professional masons conducts repairs to high standards and within a reasonable timeframe, restoring the structural integrity of your home.

Why Choose Us?


Our team boasts years of combined experience. We have the knowledge and skills to remedy your brick foundation repair needs. We’ll leave your home better than you found it.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing with a guarantee of the best value for your money. The final price is always what was quoted or agreed on.

Quality Guarantee

Our work comes with a quality guarantee. And if a mistake happens, we will fix it. However, you don’t have to worry about this because we rarely have such issues. Our professionals strive to do a brilliant job at one-go. Our number priority is customer satisfaction.

Qualified Professionals

Our dedicated masons are some of the best in Hampton Roads. They are experienced, knowledgeable, and trained. You want them at your side for professional services and long-lasting results.

Unmatched Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service that keeps property owners in the Hampton Roads area coming back for more. We work with you and answer any questions you might have throughout the process. Our priority is to ensure that you are comfortable every step of the way.

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