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The Truth About French Drains

Blake Heron

A french drain should provide an easy means of movement for water without flooding or clogging. What good is a system like this if you have to replace it every 5 years?

Depending on the slope or grade of the terrain you’re working on, you might use a passive drain system or an active drain system. Passive, in a nutshell, means that there are no mechanical parts to the system… It just works. Active drainage systems often require a sump pump to displace water from where you don’t want it, to where it is acceptable.

We often install french drain systems in combination with sump pumps and dry-wells to accomplish an array of different goals:

1. Remove standing water and prevent flooding in a crawl space

2. Lower hydrostatic pressure under a slab

3. Allow a soggy yard to drain the water and stay dry

We have the experience and expertise to design and install a successful water management program for you! Have one of our Water Management Specialists come out and take a look for you for free…

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