Bowing Basement Walls

Solutions for Bowing Basement Walls

If you’re noticing the walls in your basement are starting to bow or buckle, this is a very common sign of foundation issues. Any inward movement of your basement walls means that there is pressure on your foundation, which is most likely caused by shifting soils in the ground that are pushing toward your foundation walls.
All foundation walls are susceptible to lateral pressure from outside soils. This typically happens when the soils become over-saturated, either caused by too much rainfall or poor drainage in your yard, which causes the soils to expand and put more pressure on your foundation walls.
Bowing basement walls can only get worse as pressure continues to push on them, so it’s best to get this issue addressed quickly. An expert contractor from Bay Crawl Space and Foundation Repair can come out to your home to provide a free inspection to assess your home’s situation. They will provide you with the best possible recommendation on how to fix the issue and straighten your basement walls to prevent further damage to your home.

Bowing Basement Wall Solutions

Fortunately, there are solutions to fix your bowing walls and get them straightened back to their original position. At Bay Crawl Space and Foundation Repair, we offer the following services to fix your bowing basement walls:

1. Leaky Basement Windows

If your basement windows aren’t sealed properly, they could allow water to seep through and flood your basement during heavy rains. Aside from the flooding, water coming through your basement windows could also lead to other issues like water stains on the walls, damaged drywall, or soaked insulation.

2. Plumbing Failures

A plumbing failure in your home could cause your basement to fill with water. Depending on the location of the leak, your basement could be flooded very quickly! Common plumbing failures typically include bursting washer hoses or leaking water heaters, so it’s important to check the durability of these in your home and get them replaced if needed.

3. Foundation Wall Cracks and Floor Cracks

If there are cracks in the floor or the walls of your foundation, this makes your basement very susceptible to flooding during heavy rains. As the outside ground saturates with rainwater, it has no other place to go and builds up around your foundation. Even the smallest foundation cracks can let water pass through, so it’s important to get those repaired before your basement floods.

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