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    Crawl Space & Foundation Repair in Jamestown, VA

    BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair fixes homes in Jamestown, VA. Our core expertise is in crawl space repairfoundation repair. BAY is the #1 rated crawl space & foundation repair company serving Jamestown. We have over 400 years of combined experience, a 4.9 / 5 average rating, and over 1,500 ★★★★★ Reviews.

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    We Offer Free Inspections & Affordable Repair Options.

    Click here to book your free inspection or call 757-460-0444. Worried about your home’s crawl space or foundation? We’ll send an expert to evaluate your home and provide guaranteed solutions, with a free inspection.

    Here’s Our ‘Reviews Summary’ With Links to the Review Sites.

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    Rated #1 Locally for Crawl Space Repair & Foundation Repair.

    At BAY, we have hired, trained, & retained the ‘Best of the Best’ in our industry. With numerous awards & over 400 years of collective experience, we are an award-winning foundation repair contractor. Our team of crawl space & foundation repair experts have special experience, tools, and technical expertise to make any project a success.

    We Help Homeowners Provide Safe, Stable, & Healthy Homes.

    Helping to provide safe, strong, and healthy homes for families, is our passion. After a thorough inspection of your concerns, we’ll show you photos, explain what’s happening, and customize your solutions to your unique wants and needs.

    We Offer Discounts, Financing, & The Best Deposit Policy in Our Industry.

    At BAY, we never try to oversell repairs that are not needed. You always get great value for your investment in your home. We have great prices, 100% project cost financing available, and only require a $500 deposit on non-financed projects.

    BAY has Guaranteed Solutions for Common Problems in Jamestown, VA.

    Great Experience Guaranteed – $1,000 Guarantee.

    We GUARANTEE that you will have a great experience with us. If we don’t deliver a great customer experience, you can withhold $1,000 from your final invoice. This guarantee is in writing on every job we complete. This shows how skilled and how customer focused, our team is. We look forward to serving you too.

    Crawl Space and Foundation Repair in Jamestown, VA

    Are you experiencing issues with your home’s crawl space and foundation? For expert crawl space and foundation repair in Jamestown, VA, your premier choice is BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair.

    Reliable Crawl Space and Foundation Solutions

    It’s very easy to overlook the importance of a home’s crawl space, given how it differs from a basement in terms of access and livability. However, a well-maintained crawl space helps to make a home more comfortable and reduce its energy costs. Unprotected crawl spaces are also liable for moisture buildup, pest infestation, and mold and mildew growth.

    If a home’s foundation is weakened, whether through moisture, cracks, or settling, the entire home may suffer the consequences. For trusted crawl space and foundation repair in Jamestown, VA, choose the experts at BAY Crawl Space & Foundation Repair.

    Our award-winning team has more than 400 years of collective experience in Virginia and North Carolina. To schedule a free inspection and learn more about our crawl space and foundation repair services, contact us today.

    Signs of Crawl Space and Foundation Issues

    Ignoring crawl space and foundation issues is never a good idea. The more severe the issue is allowed to become, the more difficult and expensive it will be to repair. That’s why it pays to be proactive when it comes to potential issues.

    Cracks in Foundation

    Cracks in your home’s foundation can lead to a range of issues. These include moisture, standing water, and potential flooding which can cause significant damage and promote mold and mildew growth. Cracks also encourage pests to enter your home which is why it is important to be vigilant of any foundation issues within your home.


    Moisture can cause serious damage to crawl spaces and foundations, including mold, mildew, cracks in the foundation, condensation, and wood rot. Moisture can lead to plumbing and HVAC issues within the home. Excessive moisture in a home’s crawl space or foundation can also lead to foul smells that worsen indoor air quality.

    Buckling Floors

    It’s not always easy to spot issues with a home’s crawl space and foundations. However, one clear sign is when the sub-floors start to buckle and warp. This is caused by moisture and requires professional repair to prevent any further damage.

    Mold and Mildew

    Mold and mildew, as noted, can occur as a result of excessive moisture. They are harmful to our health, causing sore throat, eye irritation, sneezing, headaches, lung irritation, coughing, and other symptoms. If you experience any related symptoms or spot signs of mold or mildew, it is important to schedule swift repairs.

    Bowing Walls

    Bowing walls within a home are typically caused by hydrostatic pressure, which occurs when the ground around a home is saturated with water. This can cause a home’s foundation walls to collapse, which can affect its structural integrity.

    Repairing Crawl Spaces and Foundations

    The specific type of repairs required will depend on the type and extent of damage that has occurred. In the case that no serious damage has occurred to a home’s foundation, there are a number of potential repairs to its crawl space.

    For example, crawl repair repairs can include replacing drying the area, replacing the insulation, replacing the joists, removing mold and mildew, adding a sump pump, and replacing the rotting subfloor.

    It is also important to waterproof the crawl space so as to prevent water or moisture from seeping in and causing more problems in the future.

    In the case that foundation repair is required, there are a number of options available depending on the level of damage. Repairs will also depend on the home and soil type. For example, foundation repair methods may involve adding new beams, reinforcing the joists, adding floor support jacks, and stabilization the foundations with push piers.

    The specific foundation repair method will be determined during the free inspection. It is important to never attempt foundation repair yourself, given that this runs the risk of causing additional issues.

    Foundation and Crawl Space Repair in Jamestown, VA

    Discovering issues with a home’s crawl space and foundations can cause a lot of worry and concern for homeowners. If you require professional repairs in Jamestown, VA, contact our professional team for a free inspection and a no-obligation quote.

    Customer Reviews

    Our Reviews Reflect Our Commitment to Taking Great Care of Our Customers

    • It was an easy decision to choose Bay Crawl Space over the three other estimates I had gotten—not only was the price reasonable based on my research, but Jamie was the only salesperson who described more than one option that I could choose. The scheduling was very smooth! I am confident that if I have any problems, I can call & they will resolve them.”

      – Diane Taylor
    • “I am delighted with the crawl space encapsulation completed by Bay Crawl Space and Foundation Repair. What I particularly appreciate about BAY is their attention to detail and commitment to excellence. They were punctual and very much worth the value. I highly recommend Bay Crawl Space and Foundation to anyone looking for excellent service and an affordable product.”

      – Leslie Ballard
    • “Our experience with Bay Crawl Space & Foundation Repair was outstanding. From first contact everything was smooth and made as easy as possible for us. We were kept informed every step of the process via email, phone, and/or text. The work was top-notch. The cost was extremely reasonable. We were impressed that Bay did not try to sell services that weren’t required.”
      – T.a. Lackey
    • “We had our crawlspace encapsulated by BAY three years ago at a fraction of the cost of JES’s estimate. The work was done on time and to exceptional standards. The office has been courteous, the workers arrived on time, and the work was accomplished as promised. BAY gets my highest recommendation.”

      – Bob Essman
    • “Prompt, professional, and honest. I had an independent civil engineer out to inspect prior to the BAY CS&FR visit. I was afraid I might be oversold on repairs I didn’t need. This was not the case. BAY made the same observations and gave same explanations or better. Great job BAY on hiring honest and competent assessors. Very professional, will work with you again!”

      – Zachary Frey
    • “I’m super pleased with the work Bay did us, it made a difference almost immediately. Our service advisor, Beau, did an excellent job of identifying the issues in our crawl and offering reasonably priced solutions. The team they sent out to do the work was awesome. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient!”

      – David Green
    • After shopping companies and getting several bids on the same project, we chose Bay Crawl because of their reputation and price. They had our whole house leveled and stabilized in two days. Left our property cleaner than they found it with a smile on their face. Do NOT plan your next project without getting an estimate from Bay Crawl.”

      – Ryan Simpson
    • My experience was nothing but the best with Bay Crawl Space. The price was much more affordable than what another company quoted. Scheduling was easy and painless. They were professional and treated my home as if it was their own. They left me feeling very confident in my decision to go with Bay.”

      – Michael Turner